Garbage Can Sizes

Garbage Can Sizes

Trash cans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. What size you buy will depend upon the volume of your waste. Bigger here does not necessarily mean better. The right choice will be dictated by your usage level and space available.

Listed below are some different varieties of trash cans that come in a range of shapes and sizes.

Untouchable Square Trash Can


Dimensions – 34.25 inches D x19.5 inches W x 19.5 inches H

Material – Polyethylene

Capacity – 50 gallons

Mechanism – Lidless


This container is designed for use in all areas that have a high rate of trash generation, such as offices, hotel lobbies, shopping malls, restaurants, restrooms, and other public locations. It is crack resistant and durable. The liner cinch allows bag retention and gets rid of knot tying.

  • Sleek design gives a professional look
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas
  • Made to tolerate extreme weather conditions and rough handling

Toter Wheeled Trash Can


Dimensions – 36 inches D x 29.75 inches W x 43.5inches H

Material – Plastic

Capacity – 96 gallons

Mechanism – Hinged


Tote carts are created using their advanced rotational molding procedure which uses polyethylene of medium density. This gives the can extra rigidity and added material in areas of critical wear.

  • The universal design is fully compatible with automated and semi-automated waste truck lifters
  • The lid is attached so that the contents remain inside
  • A unique greenstone finish hides normal wear and tear and keeps the cart looking spick and span over a long period of time
  • In addition to the ten year warranty, the state-of-the-art rotational molding process gives the trash can a service life of 15 to 20 years

HDX Stainless Steel Round Step-On Trash Can


Dimensions – 11.93 inches D x 13.98 inches W x 25.60 inches H

Material – Stainless Steel

Capacity – 12.6 gallons

Mechanism – Step


This trash can comes with a brushed stainless steel finish and is fingerprint resistance. It is operated by pedals with a hinged lid which makes trash disposal quite easy. The damper system gives a soft-close effect to the lid which prevents slamming.

  • A noise-free environment for waste collection is created by the soft-close function
  • The high quality brushed stainless steel comes with a fingerprint resistant finish which allows for easy upkeep
  • Pedal operation allows for effortless and convenient disposal of garbage
  • The receptacles are kept in place by the anti-skid base

Rubbermaid Grey Round Trash Can with Lid


Dimensions – 19.5 inches D x 19.5inches W x 22.875inches H

Material – Plastic

Capacity – 20 gallons

Mechanism – Detached Lid


This heavy duty waste container from Rubbermaid is durable and suited for a range of uses. The full plastic, high-grade construction will not chip, rust or peel and is dent resistant. The reinforced rims give strength and durability.

  • The built-in handles allow for easy and slip resistant lifting and anti-jam nesting
  • Stability and dragging capacity is increased with the double-ribbed base
  • It can withstand a range of temperatures from –19°F up to 149°F
  • A strong, snap-on lid is included for securing the contents and for stable stacking
  • It is listed on the USDA meat and poultry equipment group listed and compliant with HACCP guidelines

Nine Stars Auto-Open Infrared Trash Can


Dimensions – 18.11 inches D x 14 inches W x 29.5 inches H

Material – Metal

Capacity – 21 gallons

Mechanism – Motion Sensing/Touch-less


This infrared stainless steel Trash Can from Nine Stars boasts a motion infrared sensor with a hands-free system. The automatic lid opening ensures that you do not have to physically touch the trash can in order to open it. It also has manual operation buttons, a power saving switch and a retainer ring for garbage bags. It is rust-proof and quite easy to clean.

  • The infrared sensor allows for automatic lid opening
  • The product uses an ordinary garbage liner
  • Easy change of liner made possible by removable top part
  • The garbage bag can be held inside with the liner retaining ring
  • Gives a touch-free method of garbage disposal
  • Hands-free technology prevents cross contamination from the garbage can

Something to keep in mind

Unlike molded plastic varieties, stainless steel trash cans do not absorb odors over time. Keep in mind that any trash can should be solid and leak-proof. Try to avoid wire or mesh wastebaskets as these are better suited for light usage.

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