Levpet 13-Gallon Touch-Free Trash Can Review

Levpet 13-Gallon Touch-Free Trash Can

Owning a smart trash can goes a long way to giving an aura of ‘cleanliness’ in your house. While your standard office baskets get the job done, they are prone to a number of problems ranging from spillage from liquid wastes to visibility of all your gooey garbage.

The Levpet 13 Gallon Touch Free Trash Can does everything a plastic trash can do, while also maintaining the highest levels of hygiene and freshness of your home.


  • Dimensions of the trash can are- 11.37 x 16.10 x 25.31 inches.
  • Odor Seal technology
  • Energy saving technology- 20% longer battery life than other devices
  • 4 D Sized batteries or an AC adaptor is needed as a power source
  • Anti-fingerprint commercial grade stainless steel
  • Designed for offices, living rooms, and kitchens


  • Odor seal technology keeps your rooms fresh and odor free. This means that no matter how smelly the garbage is, there will be no hint of any odor outside the trash can.
  • Energy saving technology allows your trash can to work for extremely long durations without having to make untimely stops to change your trash can’s batteries. If you place your trash can near a socket, you can power it via AC input, or you can use batteries and go portable.
  • Helps keep cooking and dining areas clean by employing infrared technology.
  • One wave over the sensor and the lid opens. Another wave to close the lid. Hence, the operation is completely hands-free and as a result, hygienic.
  • Fits perfectly with any décor.
  • Impressive strength due to best quality stainless steel. Fingerprint free surface will always make your trash can look neat.
  • Discounts available for
  • 13 gallons capacity larger than most similar trash cans.
  • Switch to shut off the automatic opening in case your pets or kids are playing too much with it.


  • Rare cases of batteries overheating.
  • Once in a while, the infrared might not respond to your hand gesture.
  • The lid is a little fragile, but since you never have to touch it, you’ll probably never break it.


The Levpet Stainless Steel Trash Can is one of the best buys if you want your kitchen to stay hygienic and odor free. It beats most other trash cans by a large margin where quality and ease of usage is concerned.

A whole lot of people are oblivious to the presence and comfort of an automated trash can. People looking for a smart trash can think that a step trash can is the best technology can offer them. They have never been more wrong.

Let’s compare with the Simplehuman Round step trash can for example. The Simplehuman round step trash can is a heavy downgrade from the one at hand. Just for a couple of bucks more, you are upgrading from having to open a trash can with your feet to simply swiping your hand to make a trash can open.

On top of that, you are adding five gallons of capacity and one of a kind, odor free technology. All this for a couple of bucks more than the Simplehuman trash can.

Of course, there is no dearth of automatic trash cans either. The Simplehuman Semi round sensor can is of comparable nature to the Levpet trash can.

With having to pay more than the one under our scanner, Simplehuman trash can neither upgrade its size nor add any quality of life features such as odor free technology and battery save technology. While the Levpet trash can goes up to two months without having to change your batteries, other trash cans will last you a month at most.

Hence, the Levpet trash can is probably the best, smartest and the most cost efficient trash can out there.


Given you are planning to leave behind ugly and inefficient plastic trash cans, the Levpet trash can is the best buy you can get within a range of $40 to $100.

The Levpet 13 Gallon Touch Free Trash Can outclasses everyone in its league while conveniently fitting in your kitchen or office. It has odor release protection and is made of only the best and strongest trash can material that you can lay your hand on. It does not have the probability of breakage that step trash cans have nor does it demand the same price that other trash cans do.

On top of everything, without you having to shell out big bucks, this trash can give you added features that no other automated trash can will ever provide.

The Levpet automated trash can is simply the best purchase among automated trash cans. Once you’ve decided you need one, you may close your eyes and buy this off the shelf.

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