Simplehuman Round Step Trash Steel, Plastic Lid 30L/8 Gal Can, Stainless Review

Simplehuman Round Step Trash Steel

This Simplehuman Round Step Trash Can is made of stainless steel with a plastic lid and has a capacity of 30 liters or eight gallons. It is well engineered and has a single body construction without any inner bucket.

You can use your foot to operate its stainless steel pedal which opens and closes the dent-proof plastic lid slowly and noiselessly, without a thud.

The pedal has been engineered for around 150,000 steps, which is more than 20 steps a day for 20 years and the product also has a five-year warranty period.

Simplehuman Round Step Trash Can has an oversized rim so that liners can be properly fitted into it. Custom-fit Simplehuman liners are also available for trash cans.

The trash can is light weight and easy to clean.


  • Foot pedal operated lidded trash can
  • Strong foot pedal made of stainless steel
  • Made of single body stainless steel
  • Extra large rim to grip liners
  • Lightweight plastic dent-proof lid
  • Lid Shox technology
  • Round shaped can fit into every corner
  • Five-year warranty


  • Easy to operate, handle and clean.
  • Does not show dirt or fingerprints.
  • Long lasting.
  • No sharp edges.
  • Single body, compact design.
  • No emission of odors.


  • Not cheap.
  • Not available in fancy colors and designs.


Dustbins are available in all types of shapes, sizes, materials and designs. Nowadays, more and more companies are coming up with dustbins based on sophisticated engineering and technology. Simplehuman has many varieties of trash cans on offer; the round step steel trash can being one of them.

In its category this product from Simplehuman is aptly priced; products of a cheaper variety may lack in several features. Yet if a comparison is sought then we can compare this product with a more technologically upgraded product, and that is the sensor-based, automatically covered trash cans.

While Simplehuman manufactures such sensor based products, for the purpose of comparison, we can choose the Levpet 13-Gallon touch free stainless steel trash can. This trash can belongs to the more technologically upgraded and sophisticated categories of trash cans and is equipped with intelligent features like an infrared sensor which enables the automatic opening and closing of the lid based on being within or being outside the range of the rays.

Yet all such products equipped with sophisticated features come at a significantly higher price than their manually operated versions, and also they are more complicated as they use batteries for energy supply.

Another closer comparison is with the product offered by Melody Olina. Melody Olina also offers a stainless steel round eight gallon manual step trash can, but unlike the Simplehuman trash can, this can has a stainless steel lid and inner bucket, which might make it heavier and more difficult to clean.

Also, the offer by Melody Olina packs three cans in its single offer- the 8 gallon one and other two of sizes 0.8 and 1.3 gallons. So in order to buy one, you may have to buy the other two as well, and the entire price works out to be more expensive than the offer by Simplehuman.

The manufacturer warranty of the Melogy Olina product is only three years against that of five years of the Simplehuman product.


The Simplehuman Round Step Trash Can is almost an unparalleled offer in the category of manually operated trash cans. It is available in an unmatched size and capacity too (30L/8 Gal).

Whenever most people think of decorating their houses, they are most certainly likely to forget about their trash cans.

Trash cans, they consider, are something to be placed in hidden corners. Such a disposition may make people purchase trash cans of the cheaper varieties which generally malfunction after some time. These include the footstep or the lid loosening, after which the trash can becomes just a dirty container. Moreover, such cheaper varieties do not provide any warranties.

Often the secret to having a great indoor décor is in properly choosing the items of necessities with care. Items of necessity need not be necessarily dull and bare; in fact, if these are chosen with care then there may be no need of additionally stuffing your indoors with unnecessary artifacts. These well-chosen objects of necessity, besides suiting their purpose, can also serve to uplift the indoor décor.

Your waste corner, where you place your trash cans, need not be the place you wriggle your noses at. These places should be and look as clean as the rest of your house or office. The Simplehuman Round Step Trash Steel Can, because of its shape, can fit into any corner. It does not let any odors escape and keeps the indoor corners fresh and clean.

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